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The heartbeat of L’Andana, like any Italian kitchen in Tuscany is the wood-burning grill. Our Chef uses the highest quality, seasonal ingredients utilizing fresh herbs and vegetables grown in our own private garden during the Spring/Summer months.  The open flamed wood grill helps to emphasize and develop the true flavors of the meats and seafood we prepare.

Recently we started Dry-aging  our beef  at a minimum of 40 days which can be compared to the aging of a fine wine …   the longer it ages the richer  the flavors develop.  Together with the high temperature of our wood-burning stove and the smoky flavors it infuses a bold essence unparalleled by others.

To complete your experience our Pastry Chef will create a decadent desserts using only the best-quality chocolate and the freshest seasonal fruits. This will provide the perfect ending to your one of a kind experience.