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The Garden at L’Andana

June 8, 2016

We consider ourselves to be a “city restaurant in the suburbs” and we’re happy to offer the best of both worlds! The service and cuisine that we offer matches the level of any restaurant you would find in Boston, but we fully embrace our location in the suburbs. We’re thankful to be based in Burlington, Massachusetts where we’re able to build and maintain an on-site garden. Unlike our sister restaurants in Boston, we have the outdoor space we need to plant several seasonal crops, and you can find everything from arugula, to radishes, to a variety of herbs in our raised beds. 

The fresh produce that we harvest from our garden daily, gets incorporated into dishes the same evening. For example, at the moment you can enjoy radishes and arugula from the garden in our mixed green salad. Our cocktail menu also makes use of our fresh herbs like lavender, basil and mint. We recommend you try the Moscow Mule with fresh mint, or ask for a variation on the Cucumber Martini, with basil added. As we head into summer and more produce ripens, we’ll have more additions straight from the garden to the menu.

Executive Chef, Jeff Howe, says, “There is nothing more gratifying than being able to prepare a meal for someone that I started from seed.  The quality, freshness, and over all healthiness are some of the things other restaurants don’t have.  It’s not even the big stuff, like squash or tomatoes or peppers, it’s the small easy things like arugula, and herbs that really shine.  I noticed at the produce center (where just about all of New England gets its produce for grocery stores and restaurants) the chives were imported from Israel.  That blows me away!  A very simple crop that grows by itself yearly, is being imported from the other side of the world!  How many nutrients are being lost in the travel time, and who is regulating the soil composition? To do my nightly order by going out the back door and checking what I can use for the next day is a privilege. 

I am also doing it to help out our bees.  I have some lavender out there that I probably won’t use in the restaurant, but their flowers are great for the bees. I also do have squash, tomatoes, and peppers, that will produce flowers for the bees.  I couldn’t possibly grow enough summer squash for the restaurant, but the ones I do will have a few very important roles out there.

Having both beehives and a garden is a wonderful and mutually beneficial arrangement. Our garden is pollinated by the bees that live on-site at L’Andana, and in turn, Chef Howe considers plants that will be beneficial to them. The hives have thrived over the past four seasons, under the care of Andres Morelos, our Maintenance Engineer and Resident Beekeeper. We’re very thankful to have established healthy colonies, which help to make a healthy garden, and vice versa! 

In addition to plants from the garden, honey harvested from the hives is also incorporated into our dishes, desserts and on the cocktail menu, which you can read more about here: 

The Hives at L'Andana

L’Andana is a prime example of how you can do a lot with just a little space. We’re proud to make the most of our outdoor space with both the gardens and the hives. You’ll taste the difference even in small touches, like our freshly snipped herbs. Come and enjoy some of our dishes that include fresh from the garden produce! To join us, make a reservation below:

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