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Choosing the Perfect Party Favor

August 18, 2014

What will your guests take away?

You have spent months planning the perfect shower, birthday party or wedding. Surely you will never forget this special day, but after all you have put in, you want to make sure that your guests will do the same. It is customary to leave guests with a small, thoughtful favor at the end of the evening to show your appreciation for their attendance and support. However, we have all been to those events where at the end of the night, the favor table remains untouched. Keeping your guests in mind, we are here to share a few tips for selecting the perfect party favors.

Keep it small

Chances are, you have guests traveling from out of town, even by plane. Although it’s easy to get carried away, you don’t want to send guests home with overflowing bags. Travel sized favors such as gourmet miniature olive oils will catch everyone’s eye, and they won’t be paying overweight baggage fees at the airport.

Make it useful

The best favors are those that are not going to sit on a shelf collecting dust. If you can find a favor that can be useful to your friends and family, jackpot. Imagine, they’ll always think of how much fun they had at your grandma’s 90th birthday party every time they see the flowers from the seeds you gave them blooming in the garden.

Show some character

Giving your guests a favor with some meaning behind it, whether it be funny or sentimental, is always a nice touch. Does the bride love wine? Send guests home with a corkscrew engraved with the wedding date. Is the groom a master chef in the kitchen? Give everyone a cookbook filled with all of the couple’s favorite recipes. As long as you stick to these simple guidelines, guests are sure to take away more from your event than just what they carry out in their hand.

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